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Hey all!

I’m not dead. But I definitely haven’t been working on any of my private work for the last few months. Work has gone from incredibly urgent project to incredibly urgent project, with me working absolutely nonstop.

So what little time I’ve had at home I’ve been spending seeing my girlfriend, friends and family, leaving no time for any work on my personal projects.

But it’s looking like that period is coming to a close, and my girlfriend is heading off to England for 6 weeks soon, which will give me lots of time to work on Psyia and other things!

I was at Buzzconf last weekend exhibiting Psyia, people were getting into it – and I was told repetitively that I should just upload it to Steam in its current form. I disregard those suggestions since version 2 is so close to being done! But in the mean-time, here’s a video of Rick, Buzzconf’s organiser, grooving out in the particle currents.

Will post again soon (I promise)!

– Lachlan