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“Fortnightly” is really turning into “Monthly”.
To be fair though, I haven’t really been doing a great deal this past month.

I was asked to give a demo of some of my work in June, so I showed off Vectra some more (a slightly more simplified version, which is over on the Downloads page now)
It was a fun night with a really cool atmosphere – I took a photo!

Trippy Inside VR and Out

Trippy Inside VR and Out!

I also started tinkering on another project – this one is definitely going to be worked on in the background – I’m calling it “Live a Life”. Basically I’m collating a bunch of demographic, health, economic and lifestyle data for Australians, and am going to use them to feed a complicated random number generator.

Basically what I want to do is build a “life generator” – users will be able to be virtually born, and follow along as their life unfolds. The important thing to note will be that everything that happens to you in your virtual life will be based on data to one degree or another. The main objective is to give people perspective on their own life and, as many internet users in the circles I frequent are middle class caucasian males, perhaps gain some perspective on what it’s like to live a life perhaps less fortunate. And if you happen to get lucky and live a really fortunate virtual life, it might be a bit of fun too!

The plan is for it to be a HTML5 thing, but I’ll decide exactly how to implement it once I have all the data in a parseable format, since I’m expecting 60% of the work to be in actually collating data, 15% of the work to be in implementing the logic, and 25% of the work going into graphics.

What I’m hoping is that because once I’ve got a very rough skeleton built, I can just keep adding more data, more circumstances, and making the individual lives richer. Since this is a really modular task, it’s something that I can slowly add to over time. Should be interesting!


But other than that, not a whole lot has happened this past month in Lachlan’s personal coding world – it’s all been about Liminal (which is really taking off – keep an eye out for certain history VR experiences in the near future!)

Anyway, until next time, catch you all later!