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Hey guys!

I totally missed last fortnight – was busy working on what I’m busy working on right now!

It’s a new project that has the working title of “Vectra” – I’m too busy actually making it right now to want to spend the time to make screenshots and video necessary to start publicizing it, so you’ll have to wait a little longer for that!

Basically, it’s a VR movement app for the Vive – Tilt Brush is good for drawing concrete things, but I wanted an app that was more about the movement itself. I guess you could call it a VR dancing app. The player stands in a room and moves the controllers around – colourful geometry flows from their hands, reflecting off the walls and making generative music. It’s quite fun.

I have a few more features to add before I’m calling it v0.1, at which point I’ll upload a playable build. Sit tight!

– Lachlan