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So I’m calling it – LineCircles is, for now ‘finished’.

There are only a few new things in this version:

  • Camera Modes are the main one. What used to be the only camera mode is now called ‘Static’ – where you could drag the mouse around and use the scroll wheel to zoom in and out. Now you can press ‘V’ to cycle through them. The default is ‘Fixed Dynamic’, where the camera will automatically more and resize to keep the entire pattern in view and centered. The other new one is ‘Mobile Dynamic’, which will follow the center point of the pattern as it draws, and can be zoomed in and out the same way that Static can.
    They’re both pretty sweet.
  • You can press ‘?’ now to view the current settings and view the controls.
  • A few other nice-to-haves, like opacity increase/decrease, and an actual exit-key (no more ALT+F4!)

You can download the new version by heading over to the LineCircles project page.