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Hi all,

Super quick post, this isn’t a tremendous update. LineCircles v1.1 is now finished, bringing a few really nice additions:

  • You can now move around and zoom in/out with the mouse (click and drag + scroll wheel). This is actually really sweet – it lets you frame the pattern up really nice if you want to
  • You can now toggle the lines / fill colour on or off. If you go between just lines and just fill, it looks a little like those images where you see a nebula with visible light, and then it switches to InfraRed / Radar and you can see all the cool details inside!
  • Patterns can now be left on forever (theoretically). Previously, each pattern had to be finished when it reached 65,000 vertices, since that’s how long programatically-generated meshes can be in Unity. Now it just adds a new mesh and keeps on going! Of course, you’re drawing more and more geometry as time passes. By default, each pattern lasts 5-12 seconds. I disabled auto-cull for about 200 seconds before I dropped to unacceptable frame rates.
  • You can also now toggle the camera effects on and off, if that’s your thing

You can download version 1.1 from the LineCircles Project Page