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Hi everybody!

LineCircles was already functionally¬†mature when I finally got around to making this site, but 1.0 represents a major step forward: I’ve finished the Unity reimplementation! Initially, all this means is very (very) significant performance increases and the addition of a nice bloom image effect, but in the future, this will mean a whole lot more.



Some things on my roadmap, each of which would take me less than 10 minutes at this point:

  • Support for more than one LineCircle at once (probably up to about 20 before I’d start getting concerned about performance)
  • Move into 3D perspective view
  • Add VR support
  • Implement user-input for control of the LineCircle parameters

So it’s more a matter of choosing a direction – I did the reimplementation with the intention of adding flexibility. I’m going to leave the project as it is for now while I work on bringing the rest of my projects to a state where they are stable and downloadable, but yeah – I’m pretty pleased with this one!


Here’s the changelog:

  • New Features:
    • Tremendous performance increase
    • Image effects!
    • Support for true fullscreen
    • Support for multiple resolutions
  • Changes:
    • Changed screenshot key from Shift+S to F12
    • Forced fade out if user tries to keep a single pattern going for ages – this is due to a limit on generative mesh sizes in Unity, and will be fixed in the next version

You can download the new version over at the Project Page