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Hi everyone.

My name is Lachlan – I’m a reclusive programmer who likes to make interactive visualisations and experiences. I tend to work in Unity and Processing.
Welcome to OmniPudding – this is going to be the online center for all of my personal development work for the forseeable future. I’m planning on using this site for three things:

  • To exhibit my work, providing videos, screenshots, explanations, download links and changelogs to all my projects
  • To personally keep track of what I’m working on and what state everything is in
  • To publish updates on my work in the form of blog posts and dev log videos

In a way, this site it more for myself than it is for you, humble internet denizen: whether people visit this website or not, the idea that there might be people watching and reading will help to motivate me to build my software for others, not for myself. A lot of what I’ve built in the past falls into the trap of being fun and useful, but only for me. By making myself follow a cycle of stable releases with change-logs, and offering things for download, it forces me to ensure that my software is usable and accessible. It also ensure that I stay mentally organised as I work.

So if nobody ever reads this – then no big deal! But if you are reading this, then I hope you get a kick out of my work!